Bristol 'Fair Sex' Laminated wood set 1,2,3,4

Golfengineering ID: ucwd7704
Vintage: 1948
Gender-Dexterity: Ladies
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: Steel

Hard to find set of early laminates from shaft innovator Bristol. Heads have been repolyed at some point and the set, I was told, were a discussion piece in a pro shop. Certainly a feminine touch that one wouldn't see today. Some poly damage on toes and some sole wear but otherwise, amazingly fine. Perfect whipping covers and very fine stepped steel shafts without bands but likely Bristol makes. Regripped with Golf Pride blue Tour Wraps which are short by an inch and a half from the original longer grips, probably wound leather. At some point I'll regrip in leather to the correct length. Excellent set of original numbered leather head covers. Driver 42".