'senior' Tour Model persimmon 1,3,5 woods, hardly used, light weight

Golfengineering ID: ucwd6703
Vintage: Late 1990's
Gender-Dexterity: men's right handed
Lifecycle: Extra Fine
Shaft type: Steel

Driver appears unhit.with hardly a handling scratch. 3 wood with a few sole scratches. 5 wood minor front of sole scratch. The heads and faces are flawless and newlike. Like-new whipping and like new TT Lite senior flex steel shafts. New grips. Driver 44", or about an inch longer than standard for most steel shafted drivers. Swingweights are C0 - C5, so very lightweight. A beautiful set for the senior player desiring to play with traditional weapons. These are similar to the Pelz liteweights copied by all manufacturers in the mid 1980's.