Bullseye J. Reuter Pat Pending OSM5S putter

Golfengineering ID: ucput6421
Vintage: Late 1950's
Gender-Dexterity: men's right handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: Fluted steel

Refurbed 1950's pre-Acushnet Bullseye OSM5S brass blade putter. Soft, light colored brass will turn to deep orangy yellow in time. Only a few blemishes not sanded out. Most of these early soft metal bullseyes get pretty banged up not leaving much to work with when refurbing. This one has exceptional engraving. Original overhosel fluted steel shaft with tarnish on much of length. Original; flat top leather wrap grip is in good, playable condition. As with other Bullseyes, the length is 1" shorter than the label -- 34". Comes with vinyl headcover.