Voyager MC portable golf set

Golfengineering ID: ncset6708
Vintage: 2005
Gender-Dexterity: men's right handed
Lifecycle: New
Shaft type: Steel with screw connectors

What makes this set so special is its completeness. This set has 2 metalwoods, 8 irons (3-PW) and a putter. Heads are twisted on a Regular flex True Temper steel shaft (TT Lite) in 3 sections - handle with Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip, mid section and head. It takes less than a minutes to assemble the shaft for shotmaking. Originally, you could purchase other wood or iron heads - there are bag slots of 9 irons, putter and 2 woods on the side. When the shafts are removed from the bag, 3 more wood slots are available making 15 slots total. Compact canvas bag with shoulder strap weighs about 10 pounds. There are 2 pouches for tees, balls etc on front. Reviews on their website had numerous testimonials by some top name pros.