Dave Pelz Featherlite laminated woods,1,3,5, extra fine

Golfengineering ID: ucwd5727
Vintage: 1984
Gender-Dexterity: Right handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: steel

Hard to find set of Pelz lightweights that started the low swingweight/static weight craze that lasted for about 2 years. All major manufacturers followed Pelz including Ping with its E-Z Lites, during this period. Note that manufacturers made both woods and irons. The idea was that the shaft, technically speaking, would unload better with the very light weight but the shaft had to have certain matched characteristics to produce the desired results. Many manufacturers simply reduced headweight without the corresponding shaft matching and market results suffered due to consumer non-acceptance and misunderstanding. These woods were made in one year 1984 (Pelz made clubs, other than putters, for 2 years total). Description and condition:
driver - like-new and appears unhit with no flaws, C-2, stiff 7.0 Pelz Featherlite steel shaft, 2 degree open, 10 degree loft, 43 1/2". ...
3 wood -shows some hits with scuffing on outside of face at toe, minor insert abrasion at bottom, beautiful crown with hard to notice small scuff at toe, shaft like driver 7.0, C-2, 42 1/2". ....
5 wood - extra-fine with minor front of sole dings, otherwise appears only hit a few times, shaft like driver 7.0, C-2, 41 1/2".
All woods with very fine Golf Pride Victory grips. Note that the driver is just under 12.5 ounces which is only about an ounce heavier than today's graphite shafted titanium woods, which is amazing for a steel shafted laminated wood.