True Measure golf club length tool

Golfengineering ID: Oth5832
Vintage: 1990's
Gender-Dexterity: N/A
Lifecycle: Good
Shaft type: N/A

This tool is very useful if you assemble clubs or deal clubs for sale. The tool opens and allows you to square the sole)wood or iron) parallel to a fold-up flange. You can then accurately measure the precise club length without the usual problems of trying to determine the exact heel point to measure or guestimating such where lie angles are flat or upright. Weighs about 3 1/2 pounds and can be packed away to a compact 26" x 5 X 1 1/4". It's been used quite a bit and the scales are worn. Everything is usable as is. These cost about $ 45-49 from the larger component vendors.