Unusual Golfology ZW 3 Octagon mallet putter

Golfengineering ID: ucput5446
Vintage: Late 1990's
Gender-Dexterity: Men's right handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: Steel

Interesting design that has not only the face balanced but also the putter length. It feels top-heavy (and is due to shaft weighting at the grip end) with the idea that it precludes letting the putter head move thru the putt due to hands action i.e. you control the putt with your shoulders. The 8 sided head has excellent lines and rounded sole; the steel shaft is octagonal at the top and fades about midway to a round double-bend section. The grip is octagonal. Head is extra-fine. Steel shaft has some tarnishing at double-bend point. Hexagonal section of shaft is perfect. Perfect shaftband and like-new logo grip (also 8 sided!). The weighting idea seems to make some sense but the octagon appears to be strickly marketing. 33 1/2".