MacGregor Mike Souchak Blue Devil putter

Golfengineering ID: cucput0238
Vintage: Late 1960's
Gender-Dexterity: men's right handed
Lifecycle: Very Fine - repainted
Shaft type: Stepped steel

Souchak was a fine Tour Pro from Duke University. His competitive event '60' was only bested by a few other tour pros like Geiberger and Blancas. I played behind him at the Snead Invitational in Roanoke, Va in the mid 60's and what was most impressive was his finesse for being kinda a stocky guy. (by the way he didn't win and neither did an upstart from Texas named Trevino nor Sam, tourney namesake or my opening co-player Art Wall - Bob Shave did - the sponsors were short the prize money, however ... those were the days... ). These putters came out in chrome in the mid 60's and later were colored to reduce glare. This one has beautiful steel and new paint, a perfect ferrule and very fine shaft and fine flat top leather wrap grip. You'll need a headcover to avoid paint chipping and don't toss it too many times, especially on concrete. 34 1/2". side.