Spalding Robt T Jones Jr. Mod 28 persimmon wood set

Golfengineering ID: ucwd6984
Vintage: 1958
Gender-Dexterity: men's right handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: Steel

Fine condition for this dealer set of mahogany tint persimmon woods from about 1958 - note the perfect decals on 3 sides. Head condition: (1W) Sole poly wear - no gouges - minor crown nick - face perfect: (3W) nearly perfect crown and face - sole poly abrasion ; (4W) appears near-new; (5W) appears near-new. ;; All woods with fine firm flex Spalding Syncro-Power shafts with perfect bands. Perfect whipping with small ferrules. A remarkable set of near-new leather wrap grips with gold trim, perfect collars and caps. Driver 43", D2 (grip still has D2 tag). Amazing that these high quality woods cost about $ 100 at the time.