Matched Crunch irons 3-SW

Golfengineering ID: ucir6970
Vintage: Late 1990's
Gender-Dexterity: Right Handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: Steel

A unique set of matched irons with large rounded soles and variable weight distribution. The 3-5 have wide soles (more sole weight) to facilitate getting those low iron shots airborne. The 6- PW have thinner soles. The sand wedge has a typical wide sole for its function. These are generally musclebacks although the rippled top line has some added perimeter weight. Faces have square grooves. Fine head condition with only the SW showing any wear and that is minor on the sole. Ferrules perfect except the SW missing the rings, The SW medallion is metal, not plastic, like the others, suggesting this was an afterthought. Like-new shafts are Apollo Humpbacks so more weight and stiffness to the head end. Grips are like-new Lamkin Mid-Size Crosslines. Crunch was active in the late 80's to probably early 2000's, quartered in East Stroudsburg, Pa (The Poconos). They had/have several patents on woods and irons. While the designs aren't totally original (Kroydon had wide tip steel near the head in the 40's; and both PGA and Spalding had variable sole designs in the 70's) these are still geometric studs I haven't seen prior. 5 iron 38 1/2"or about a full inch longer than standard steel. Stiffness by a frequency machine was measured at an approximate 280 cps across the board meaning the 3-6 are about 'regular' 5.0; with near the same frequency the high irons are a softer A flex - BUT the tip stiffness due to greater tip diameter is sure to make all the irons feel firmer than standard measures. Swingweights are in the D6-D8 range, quite reasonable considering the extra length but the midsize grips are heavier, so a realistic swingweight is more towards the high end D8, maybe even E1.