Daiwa Exceler G-3 Compo irons 3-10, C-steel fleck face

Golfengineering ID: ucir6327
Vintage: 1995
Gender-Dexterity: Right Handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: Graphite

Vintage 1995. Very good condition. Hard to find superb matched Japanese irons. Excellent heads showing minor wear. Heads have double sole and unique faces with carbon steel metal fleck embedded into graphite. This had to improve face wear or increase friction for spin, or both - not sure why there are grooves in faces, other than tradition. Very good ferrules. Very good Japanese made Daiwa TR Whisker regular flex ultra light Silicon Carbon composite graphite shafts with two tone finish. Shaft lower halves have been re-sprayed with antique gold finish and clear coated so have excellent look. Shafts have good 'R flex' shaftbands but most are covered by the grips (bands are only 9 1/2" from butt). High quality shafts have 'Made in Japan' serialized bands on handles. Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips are fine and soft. 5 iron 38 ". These were $ 190 per club in 1995. Daiwa now markets less expensive clubs stateside thru a license arrangement under another name - the strengthening of the Japanese yen in the late 1990's - effectively doubling prices due to currency valuation only - made it difficult to produce their high quality expensive equipment in Japan for sale in the US.