Wilson 1200 laminated 1 and 4 wood

Golfengineering ID: ucwd5658
Vintage: 1973
Gender-Dexterity: Right handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: steel

Introductory year for the 1200 model which were, incidentally, priced higher than the Staff's. All original. Very fine crowns with minor blemish on 1W at top edge outside insert. Very good faces with minor insert scratching. Some front of sole poly wear on 4 - no dents. Perfect serial number matched whipping covers. Extra-fine regular flex Wilson Countertorque steel shafts - readable band on driver but worn; unreadable band on 4. Very good and soft original Wilson logo composition grips with chain link pattern, collars and Wilson logo caps in great shape. Driver at 3 degree open, 10 degree loft so definitely for a striker - 43 1/2". Hard to find this nice. All Wilson woods advertised adjustable swingweight feature this year so there are probably 2 or more multiple lead weight holes under soleplate.