Daiwa G-3 Titanium Compo II oversize irons, 3-PW, senior flex

Golfengineering ID: ucir5477
Vintage: Late 1990's
Gender-Dexterity: senior/ladies right handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: graphite

Superlative set of graphite shafted irons from Daiwa. Heads very fine with the 9 showing a small blemish in the cavity - the 9 and 4 with some nuisance sole abrasion. Daiwa Ultra Lite weight senior flex "A" graphite shafts nearly perfect - only the PW with small paint chip in back near ferrule - otherwise all are very fine. 4,5,and PW with like-new Lamkin Crossline cord grips; 7 with like-new Lamkin Crossline regular rubber grip; 3 and 6 with like-new Lamkin classic half cord grips; 8 and 9 with Professional rubber grips similar in design to regular Lamkin Crossline. Irons s/n matched on upper band with # D-8779 - the 3 iron has # D - 8778 presumably because the set was originnaly sold w/o the 3. All irons with same shafts and taper correctly. These irons were over $ 1,600 new and come with Face Saver plus plastic head covers numbered 3-PW . Being "A" flex they are for seniors, women or slower swingers (70-85 MPH for driver). 5 iron is 38 1/4" to grip. If you want them shortened and tapered to women's length with women's grips, add $ 32.