Wilson Johnny Revolta Championship Model 1,2,3 wood set

Golfengineering ID: cucwd5362
Vintage: 1936-1941
Gender-Dexterity: men's right handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: steel

Ready for play! A stupendous matched set of Revolta woods from 1936. Note the two-tone black-walnut crown head striping. Excellent 'all original' features. Driver head with minor head ding in crown and backweight. Brassie with couple minor scuffs on top of crown near face. Spoon looks hardly used. All faces superb. Perfect 4" ferrules atop plastic whipping covers. Truly marvelous True Temper steel shafts showing virtually no wear and bright chrome sparkle. Excellent Sampson style leather wrap grips with bumps on underside of grip near butt (these are not the ridge runners used later by Wilson). "The Reminder" with "pat. no." is visible on each grip. Caps and collars perfect. Amazingly these woods come with their original canvas headcovers with the club number still in place. Driver 42 1/2".