Wilson Jim Gallagher Model Turf Rider driver and spoon

Golfengineering ID: cucwd5148
Vintage: 1936-7
Gender-Dexterity: men's right handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: steel

As hittable today as in the mid 1930's. These came out in the 1935 catalog and were patented in 1936. The earliest models had a slightly different sole screw configuration than these, thus 1936-7 for these. With the double sole plate creating a concave sole they were promoted as giving the effect of 'runners', a concept that gained momentum 40 years later by other manufacturers to aid in tight lie deliverance. These woods came with 'TRUE TEMPERED' steel shafts and perforated leather wrap reminder grips. 3 wood head in fine condition; driver with some poly chipping - both could be refinished to perfection but they probably don't need it. Note the amazingly clear music note crown logo - red-blue-gold. Faces about flawless. Driver with 6 3/4" ferrule and spoon with 7 1/4" - NO chips in ferrules. Very fine shafts showing excellent chrome sparkle, no dulling, no pitting and no bag burn marks. 14" grips show almost no wear and have excellent music-note caps and excellent collars. Just cool! Driver 43".