Heddon shafted Powerbilt Irons 2-9

Golfengineering ID: ucir3127
Vintage: 1941
Gender-Dexterity: men's right handed
Lifecycle: used
Shaft type: Heddon steel

Top of the line Model 95 irons. S/N matched heads in very good condition with only minor nicking. Perfect 2 1/2" ferrules. Extra fine set of sheathed Speed Swing Heddon shafts; the 2 and 5i have an excellent decal with the Heddon logo - the balance of shafts have the this decal worn away. Very good 15 1/2" leather wrap grips with all collars and endcaps with iron number. Although the 3i has a s/n matched head its ferrule has a different ring combination and its leather wrap grip is only 12 1/2" indicating the shaft was probably replaced at some point around vintage year since it has a matched sheathed Heddon shaft. Heddon shafts were made from around 1938 thru 1941 and had a teardrop shape so that swing speed could be increased per given shaft weight. The literature from Wilson around 1939 shows wind tunnel tests of 12 % aerodynamic speed improvement. Around the same period H&B and MacGregor sold some of the shafts -- all these were for better players with (or desiring) higher swing speeds. These innovative irons also had a rubber washer counter sunk into the end of the hosel to absorb shock at impact I've seen single woods with Heddon's but this is the only full set of irons I've ever come across (there was also a 1 and 10, which was the putter). These irons are sturdy enough to play but are imminently collectable and quite rare.